5 Steps To Take Before Listing Your Home

Planning on a new adventure? Consider these steps to simplify the later stages of the sales process and set yourself up to net the highest value possible. 

1. Assess Its Market Value: Don’t assume a visual inspection is sufficient to get the true value of your property. Hire a property inspector to perform a full inspection. They will make a list of anything that you should repair. In the of chance that the inspector doesn’t find anything, you can list your home as pre-inspected, cutting the time and uncertainty of a re-trade in the latter stages of a deal. 

2. Hire a Pest Control Company: Your home inspector may find evidence of pests. If so, you’ll need to hire someone to perform pest control. Be sure the company you hire has experience with your specific pest problem – this will help in making it a one off rather than a re-occurrence.  

3. Make Necessary Repairs: Repair items the inspector found, starting with the big issues before listing your home. You can then choose to repair small issues or negotiate with a buyer on pricing terms regarding the repairs. Remember, you can also sell the home as-is, although in many cases it rarely works our favorably for the seller. 

4. Realtor:
 Partner with a realtor to help you sell your home. We can act as a buffer and determine which buyers are truly interested and which are “just looking.” A realtor also has specialized knowledge in the sales and marketing aspects on how to sell a home, including how to sell the surrounding neighbourhood.  

Click HERE and review #7 of the deadly sins of selling your home to learn more about how a Realtor can be an advantageous asset to you.  

5. Stage the Property: Now that your home is repaired, clean and has a Realtor, it’s time to stage it. TIP: Remove personal belongings before taking pictures - this makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Add some unique touches where you can and then your Realtor can arrange a professional photos session.  

I hope this has brought you some value and maybe even changed the way you look at approaching the process of listing your home. If you're interested in partnering with me on your next deal, connect with me directly from there we can chat about your needs and see if working together would make sense.   

Thanks for the thing that matters most, your attention!   

Be great - DB